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Increasing App Quality with Firebase and Google Play

As software engineers, we put a lot of effort into building good quality apps with good user experiences. Before launching we might do a bunch of testing to make sure features are ready to be launched and once launched, we want to monitor them for optimal user satisfaction. Firebase and Google Play have a few products and some helpful updates to products you might already be using that could help with making sure your app stays top quality.
In this talk we will go through some new features in App distribution that helps you get feedback from your testing team faster. We will also look at how you can notify testers of new builds of the app to test from your app.
We will then dive into Crashlytics in Android Studio via the App Quality Insights Window, and show how the new integration helps find and fix bugs much faster. Finally we will look into Android Vitals on Google Play and how we can use the Reporting API to get metrics about our app in the wild and you could potentially use this to create Dashboards for monitoring.

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