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Now In Compose

Jetpack Compose emerged as a game-changer for Android UI development, offering a declarative and efficient way to build user interfaces. However, harnessing its full potential requires a deep understanding of best practices, especially when it comes to handling state in a unidirectional manner and navigating the intricacies of using Compose in production environments.

This comprehensive workshop on Jetpack Compose focuses on best practices for unidirectional state management and tips for using Compose in production. Participants will learn efficient state handling, testing methodologies, performance optimization, navigation, theming, and handling user input. The workshop aims to empower developers to build maintainable, scalable, and performant UIs using Jetpack Compose.

This workshop promises to elevate the attendees' Compose skills and empower them to build stunning and efficient Android UIs with ease. Most importantly I have prepared the workshop using the experience of how we use Jetpack Compose in production at Apollo Agriculture.

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