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Unleashing the Power of Media 3 Transformer: A Journey into the Next-Gen Media Codec Wrapper

Join me for a transformative session exploring the world of Media 3 Transformer, an innovative API in Jetpack Media 3 that revolutionises media codec processing.
In this talk, we'll have a hands-on demo using the latest Media 3 API. You'll also gain valuable insights on how to implement a media transformer in your own projects. It's an opportunity to dive in, learn, and enhance your media processing capabilities.

Key Highlights:

Explore the Extensive Capabilities: Discover the full potential of Media 3 Transformer, unlocking new possibilities in media editing, format conversion, transcoding, clip trimming, cropping, and the application of custom effects.

Hands-On Implementation: Follow along with our live demo to gain practical experience and learn how to implement a media transformer using the latest Media 3 API.

Enhancing Media Codec Processing: Understand how Media 3 Transformer builds upon MediaCodec for hardware-accelerated video decoding and encoding, and seamlessly integrates with OpenGL for graphical modifications.

Real-World Applications: Learn how Media 3 Transformer can be utilised in various domains, from media-intensive applications to multimedia production pipelines, offering significant value and efficiency gains.

Key Takeaway: By the end of this session, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the powerful capabilities of Media 3 Transformer and how to leverage its potential to elevate your media codec processing workflows. Whether you're a developer, engineer, or media enthusiast, join me on this journey into the next-gen media codec wrapper and unlock a new era of media transformation.

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